Minneapolis Prop Stylist - Passionate Work is All Play

Rajtar Productions has evolved from work of necessity to a creative expression, allowing owner and Minneapolis prop stylist John Rajtar to focus on the endeavors he loves most: freelance propping and styling. With experience in composing for the still photography, television and video industries, he brings a unique and imaginative approach to his work that evokes a visceral response from the audience.

John’s educational background includes a BA degree in Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude, from Winona State University as well as Ethnography Studies in Slavic languages and culture from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. His work has been shown nationally and internationally at floral shows, universities, cultural and art institutes and festivals.

Traveling the world, speaking Polish

From studying abroad in Poland to hitchhiking across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the opportunity to travel and see the world cannot be missed. John’s education and years of professional experience are just one dimension of his work – his unique perspective of the world is invaluable to every project.

A life on the road and constant exploration have introduced John to people from all walks of life with stories to tell. By immersing himself in their “everyday” – weaving baskets, cooking food in their kitchen, exchanging stories over a bottle of local wine, taking part in cultural traditions, even hanging on a ledge in mountainous Zermatt – John’s perspective expanded and his creative approach bolstered. These stories and experiences lend themselves to creating more beauty.

John’s philosophy is sitting down and slowing down…appreciating the present moment, taking the time, listening, sharing and leaving more enriched than when you arrived.

“Give way to the extraordinary.”