The Connoisseur of Living, the Performance
Artist, the Aesthetic Director

As a stylist, as an artist, the story is important. Beauty is everywhere.

The Connoisseur of Living

For John, it is a gift to be able to do what he loves, where his passions overflow into his work. Art, food, travel, cultures, and beauty are part of the fabric of his being. They are direct influences on every project, and extend to experiences beyond his own.

The Performance Artist

There’s a real rhythm to making things happen. There’s a flow you can feel with every project. It’s finding and encouraging that flow in the people and style you choose that is in itself an art form. It is a joy to combine imagination with reality.

The Aesthetic Director

John is an explorer of aesthetics. From international travel to his own backyard, there is magic and mindfulness. When these worlds collide, time after time, beautiful work is born. Ideas and inspiration are infinite. John strives to bring a freshness, sophistication and sensuality to people, food, tabletop, product, still photography and film.